The PX 150 has been refined to provide the rewards of modern technology yet still retains those unique and classic features like the 2-stroke engine and manual 4-speed transmission with twist-grip shifting. The PX provides a genuine interactive experience for the rider – a beautiful partnership between rider and Vespa where the you are not simply a participant. A much loved model for over 30 years, the PX 150 has been altered ever so slightly to keep up with modern times without compromising on the details that make it a true classic.

  • PX 150

The model closest to the legendary original Vespa, the PX has captured millions of hearts with its unrivalled ability to combine essentiality and appeal, practicality and retro charm. Minimal design, ease of use and the exceptional sturdiness of a steel frame, the PX is fitted with an iconic 2-stroke engine and also retains a number of original features Vespa lovers will find irresistible, such as the four-gear manual shift on the handlebar and room for a spare wheel. Distinguishing features include the comfortable seat, the footrest with the Vespa logo and the vintage-look front cowl.

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