Melacompro, La Vespa

To the soundtrack of the US musical Jesus Christ Superstar, a campaign highlighting the scooter as a passport to independence, equally at home in the city and in the country. So relaxed in the meadows that it neighs like a purebred horse. Because even advertising hyperbole is rooted in fact.

Chi Vespa Mangia Le Mele

This was the historic advertising slogan that launched the 50 cc model with which the baby boomers took over the roads. The winds of liberty must have been blowing very strong if the voice-over closed with the advice: “Ride carefully and courteously”.

The Beat Goes On.

Psychedelic, dressed in pink, accompanied by a forceful guitar rhythm, in the woods and on the beaches, always in a crowd. These commercials celebrate a generation that dances without restraint, unable to stop moving. Of course, when you’ve got a Vespa, how can you stand still?